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Below are articles on Real Estate that we hope may be of use.

As a real estate professional for over 20 years there is very little that I have yet to encounter, but I try and learn something new every day and will share my experience and experiences with you in my articles.

As a licensed Broker and a former Real Estate Instructor there are some that would say I am somewhat of an authority and my views on real estate may be of assistance.

Additionally, I will carry articles by other real estate experts and authorities to give you a broader view of the market.

Please bookmark this page and visit often as I will continue to add articles to my library on a frequent basis.

When it’s time to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is usually an emotional roll-a-coaster. While we tend to get excited about the move or the new home, we also cling to the memories contained within our "Home"….. Read More

Home Much Home Can You Afford?

You will need a few hours to develop your budget on your home purchase once you’ve gathered the necessary information…. Read More

Budget Worksheet

Use this form to assist you in preparing a monthly budget for your home… Read More

When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate Agent is no accident. Real Estate Agents tend to specialize. Residential, commercial or property management are the main types of specialization…… Read More

Suggestions & Tips When Moving

Moving can be an exciting time if we plan ahead. Two or three months of proper planning and organization can help make a move…… Read More

Hot Real Estate Market Investment In Las Vegas

(2004 Article) The Las Vegas real estate market is currently one of the hottest real estate investment markets in the nation and is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. Resale homes are moving at a record high, and new construction eats up an estimated 4 acres daily….. Read More


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